Main FastNetMon design principle: don't be a black box

FastNetMon project was built on very basic software engineering principle: don't be a black box 📦

You can see this approach on all levels of our product:

  • Open source core published at GitHub
  • Strong preference of RFC approved protocols: BGP Unicast, BGP Flow Spec, IPFIX, sFlow
  • Multiple options for every component in our stack
  • Traffic metrics dashboards based on industry standard Grafana

In FastNetMon we provide multiple choices for all our key components:

We know well that modern network management software is very sophisticated and we do not want to make network engineer life more complex by adding yet-another alien đź‘˝ blackbox which uses completely different approach from existing systems.

Instead we provide all the options to smoothly integrate FastNetMon with existing systems. We use data from existing system to make DDoS detection easier and faster. We provide access to all data we have in case when other systems may benefit from it.

Thank you for reading!

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