My review of UKNOF 50

Last week I visited anniversary event of UKNOF 50 in London. I enjoyed both official and social part after it. It was definitely unusual to see DDoS related talk as keynote by A10 Networks followed by another DDoS related topic of Team Cymru.

I well remember times when DDoS was extremely niche area without any decent public coverage but 2 talks for such well known conference as UKNOF is definitely something exceptional.

15 Hatfields London

I've been dealing with DDoS since first days of my professional career and first DDoS I faced on my very first job as Perl Developer (and then Linux engineer) for domain name registrar.

It was around 2007 and any DDoS specific literature appeared on same shelf with voodoo and black magic in bookshops.

We definitely made great progress from these days. We definitely see way more DDoS attacks which is definitely bad but positive sign that we're getting more and more public knowledge which is quite specific and offers multiple different ways to defend from DDoS.

On other hand it's quite sad to see extremely low presence of cloud companies and content generators at UKNOF. It's hard to ignore fact that CDNs, content generation and Cloud companies constitute very large chunk of thing we call the Internet and their low presence is very bad for the Internet in general.

What we can do about it? Share information about UKNOF with friends you have in companies in these industries and then we will do our best to welcome them.

I noticed many overseas visitors on conference and I personally admire their effort to visit it.

Thank you to organisers, presenters and every single participant for making this event special.

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